Get More Customers at Your Maui Restaurant or Business with the Maui Happy Hours App

Introducing the Maui Happy Hours App, the ultimate solution for Maui restaurant and business owners who are eager to boost their profits and earn repeat customers by advertising their happy hour deals, promotions, and events to thousands of Maui visitors and locals on the Maui Happy Hours mobile app and website.

Maui Happy Hours is simply the best local advertising solution for Maui, Hawaii restaurant and business owners who want to get more customers in the door. With our targeted local advertising, you’ll be sure to attract new customers, cultivate repeat ones, and ensure your business is on the path to success.

Maui restaurant advertising - Maui Happy Hours

Advertise to Thousands of Maui Visitors and Locals

Do you offer an irresistible happy hour that’s Maui’s best-kept secret? Is your establishment the host to live music and events that deserve more recognition? Make your mark with Maui Happy Hours – the perfect platform to capture the attention of a tailored audience of Maui food lovers and nightlife enthusiasts.

Our Maui Advertising Package Includes:

Top listing for your business on the Maui Happy Hours app and website

Maximum exposure with banner ad on the Maui Happy Hours home page

“Featured” designation across the website and app

Unlimited updates to your deals and promotions

Weekly shoutouts on Maui Happy Hours social media platforms

Price: $225 per month or $150 per month Kamaaina (see below)

Advertising Discount for Kama’aina Businesses

We are proud to support local Maui business owners and we offer a kama’aina discount of $75 per month for all local Maui businesses that are not part of a national chain.

Connect with Genuine Maui Customers, Not Social Media Metrics

While social media ‘likes’ might boost your online presence, they seldom translate into actual customers. Break free from the mundane cycle of pouring money into ineffective advertising strategies. With Maui Happy Hours, target a real audience of locals and visitors, all seeking their next unforgettable Maui dining experience – an experience you can provide, right now.

Maui Advertising for All Business Types (Not Just Restaurants!)

While Maui Happy Hours excels in promoting restaurants, its benefits extend to all businesses. From retail stores announcing special sales, to event venues and activity providers hosting unique experiences, to local contractors and services providers, Maui Happy Hours offers targeted Maui advertising that connects businesses with potential customers actively seeking local businesses and services. It’s an ideal platform for any business aiming to boost visibility, attract a larger customer base, and drive sales growth at their company.

Boost Your Profits with Loyal Patrons and Repeat Business

As an entrepreneur, you understand the precious value of loyal customers. Winning a new patron can cost up to five times more than nurturing an existing one. Maui Happy Hours presents you with the unique opportunity to advertise your business and convert casual diners into regulars, potentially generating thousands of dollars in lifetime sales through a single advertising touchpoint.

Advertise Your Maui Business During Off-Peak Hours

What could an extra $300-$500 a day in sales do for your establishment? A well-timed happy hour promotion could be the key to filling your seats and supercharging your profits, especially during quieter hours. And the Maui Happy Hours app is, quite naturally, the best place to advertise one. We invite you to try our targeted Maui advertising, risk-free, and let us help you grow your business.

Locally Owned and Operated in Kihei, HI

As a small team based in Kihei, HI, we value our local community. When you advertise on Maui Happy Hours, your advertising investment not only helps your business grow, the money also stays on the island to be used at another local business.

No Contract, Cancel Anytime

Though we’re confident in the value we provide and think you’ll like it, too, we respect that circumstances can change. Therefore, you are free to cancel your Maui Happy Hours advertising at any time without penalty.

Get Started or Request More Info

Email Russell Snyder at or call/text (808) 633-9338 today to begin advertising your business to thousands of Maui visitors and locals on the Maui Happy Hours app, website, and social media.

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