Maui Gold Pineapples: The Perfect Hawaiian Gift for Christmas 2024

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Ship Maui Gold Pineapples for Christmas 2023

Embark on a Journey of Taste and Tradition with Hawaii’s Sweetest Treasure

As the holiday season approaches, many are searching for unique and thoughtful Maui gifts for the Hawaii lover in their life. Among the myriad options, Maui Gold pineapples stand out as a remarkable choice. These pineapples, nurtured under the Hawaiian sun, embody a blend of sweetness and cultural heritage, making them more than just a fruit – they’re a symbol of Aloha spirit. In this article, we delve deep into the world of Maui Gold pineapples, exploring their origins, community impact, and why they make an excellent Christmas gift.

About Maui Gold Pineapples

Maui Gold pineapples are cultivated on the Hali’imaile farm, located in the beautiful upcountry of Maui. Known as the “sweetest pineapple in the world,” they are a testament to the rich Hawaiian landscape and culture. The Maui Gold Pineapple Company offers tours at their farm, providing insights into the growing cycle and cultivation techniques of these exceptional fruits​​​​.

What Makes Maui Gold Pineapples Special

What sets Maui Gold pineapples apart is their extra sweet flavor, a unique characteristic of Maui. Grown and harvested by hand, each pineapple is treated with utmost care, ensuring top quality. The taste of a hand-picked, machete-cut pineapple from the fields of Maui is unparalleled​​.

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Shipping Fresh Maui Gold Pineapples to the US and Canada

Maui Gold Pineapples are shipped fresh to your door in the US and Canada. In the US, they are shipped via UPS 2ND Day Air. Canadian customers can expect prompt delivery via UPS Air Shipping, typically within 2-3 days of the ship date. The company ensures freshness and quality upon arrival​​​​.

A Perfect Maui Christmas Gift

Maui Gold pineapples are a delightful and unexpected Christmas gift. Their exotic origin and exceptional taste offer a slice of Hawaiian paradise. Harvested ripe, they are ready to be enjoyed immediately upon delivery, adding a fresh and festive element to any Christmas table.

Maui Gold’s Contribution to the Maui Community

Maui Gold Pineapple’s Pineapple Pledge initiative demonstrates their commitment to the Maui community. Following the devastating wildfires in Lahaina, the company has been instrumental in providing support through food, job preservation, and donations to relief organizations with every pineapple purchase​​​​.

Maui Pineapple Tour Experience

The Maui Pineapple Tour offers a unique experience for those interested in learning about pineapple cultivation firsthand. Located in the tiny farm town of Haliʻimaile, this tour begins with a journey through the pineapple fields in an air-conditioned vehicle. Knowledgeable guides share insights about planting and harvesting techniques, showing how workers cultivate the fruit by hand. The highlight is experiencing the extra sweet flavor of Maui Gold Pineapples, famous for being the sweetest in the world​​​​. View Tour Schedule

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Reviews from Maui Gold Pineapple Purchasers

“Not one part of my Maui gold pineapples go to waste in this house. This is my 2 order in 1.5 months since we returned from Maui. Canned Maui gold pineapple, fresh made Maui Gold pineapple juice, and trying to grow my very own Maui Gold here in Wisconsin. 🤙🍍

Jessica L.

“My Maui Gold pineapples arrived in Connecticut yesterday. They are pure heaven. So sweet and perfect! Worth every penny! They make great gifts.”

Joan S.

“Most delicious pineapple we’ve ever eaten. Delivered within a couple days. Will definitely be ordering more.””

Wade W.

“Outstanding pineapple! Actually the best I’ve ever tasted. The only company I could get to ship to Alaska. Fast shipping. Excellent condition. I will be ordering again!! Thanx!!!!””

Celeste S.

“Look what just arrived! 4 Maui Gold pineapples. Maui Gold are my absolute favorite and I was excited to find a new source to get them shipped to the mainland US. While one can purchase other brands from other parts of the world, they are no comparison to the sweet taste of Maui Gold.”

Andrew H.

10 Fun Facts About Pineapples

  1. Pineapples are a natural sweetener and healthier than processed sugars in recipes.
  2. They grow from a central stalk on the ground, not from trees.
  3. A new pineapple plant can be grown from the top crown of a pineapple.
  4. Historically in Europe, pineapples symbolized wealth and high social status.
  5. There are over 100 pineapple varieties, each with unique flavors and textures.
  6. Pineapples start as clusters of purple or red flowers.
  7. It takes 2-3 years for a pineapple plant to produce its first fruit.
  8. Pineapples do not ripen after being harvested.
  9. Rich in vitamins C and B1, pineapples support immune health and metabolism.
  10. Pineapples are used in various global cuisines, from desserts to savory dishes.


Gifting a Maui Gold pineapple is about sharing Hawaiian heritage and supporting a community that embodies resilience and the Aloha spirit. Their unique taste, coupled with rich history and cultural significance, make Maui Gold pineapples an excellent choice for a Christmas gift. Whether it’s to bring a taste of the tropics to a cold winter or to offer a sweet gesture of love and care, Maui Gold pineapples encapsulate the joy and warmth of the holiday season.

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