Oao Sushi Bar & Grill – Wailea, Maui, HI

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Oao Happy Hour Wailea Maui Sushi Restaurant

Oao Sushi Bar & Grill – Wailea, Maui, HI

Published 3/14/2024 by the Maui Happy Hours team

Happy Hour at Oao Sushi Bar & Grill in Wailea, Maui, HI

  • Happy Hour at Oao Maui (pronounced Wow) is now from 12pm to 5pm daily where you can expect up to 30% off select rolls, foods, and beverages

Kama’aina Discount at Oao Maui

  • Kamaaina receive 15% off at lunch from noon-3pm

Oao Sushi Bar & Grill Address, Phone, and Website

Address: Wailea Gateway Center – 34 Wailea Gateway Pl, Kihei, HI 96753

Phone: (808) 318-1602


Photos from Oao Sushi Bar & Grill Happy Hour

About Oao Sushi Bar & Grill – Wailea, Maui, HI

Nestled in the idyllic setting of Wailea, Hawaii, Oao Restaurant invites guests to a culinary expedition that harmonizes authentic Japanese flair with a touch of French fusion. Housing its charm at 34 Wailea Gateway Place Unit A-101, Kihei, HI 96753, this oasis of gastronomic delight operates daily from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm, with a Happy Hour special running from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm​1​.

As you step into Oao, the ambiance exudes a blend of upscale casualness, described by some as an “innovative neighborhood gem” that pulsates with a lively spirit​2​. The establishment, spearheaded by the adept hands of Chef JR Oao, whose name whimsically pronounces as “Wow,” encapsulates a dining ethos centered on outstanding food, amazing service, and outrageous quality​​. The name Oao not only represents the culinary maestro behind the scenes but evokes the astonishment guests often express as they delve into the restaurant’s offerings.

The heart of Oao’s menu beats with a rhythm of traditional sushi, meticulously crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The sushi bar doesn’t shy away from flaunting the finest sushi in Wailea, a claim the restaurant humbly suggests guests validate through personal experience​​. The fusion with French cuisine adds a layer of culinary adventure, noted in reviews as a delightful twist that elevates the dining experience to a realm of exquisite uniqueness​3​.

The accolades from the digital realm resonate with approval, with a commendable 4.6 rating from 184 reviews on Yelp, and a favorable reception on TripAdvisor, marking it as a reputable choice among 35 restaurants in Wailea​​.

In a place where the sun kisses the ocean, and the breeze whispers tales of the Pacific, Oao stands as a culinary beacon for both locals and travelers. Its Happy Hour isn’t just a time slot but an invitation to a voyage where tastebuds dance to a melody of flavors, and every sip and bite narrate stories of a distant island’s tradition blended with a dash of continental sophistication.

Reviews from Oao Sushi Bar & Grill Wailea Happy Hour

“Incredible quality of seafood. Had 3 different kinds of sashimi as well as the grilled lamb chops. Sashimi was super fresh and well prepared on local sea weed with Kizami. The big surprise were the lamb chops. Perfect preparation- could have been a 5 star French restaurant. They offer happy hour without reservations- it gets very busy later and reservations are recommended. Bring a warm sweater- this restaurant feels like a meat locker every single time we come here. You will be miserable if you don’t bring something warm to wear.”

Martin G., March 2024

“Best sushi on Maui! Their menu is phenomenal and comes with all that you would expect from a nice sushi place, I particularly love their carpaccio items and diverse small plate and appetizers. I’ve had most of their specialty rolls and they are unique and flavorful and each served with beautiful presentation. The service is fast but our most favorite part of eating at Oao is being served by Kevin!

Kevin is the “happy” in “happy hour”, I ate here with my son for the first time and had the most pleasant experience, it was three moths until we visited again and Kevin recognized us and greeted us like old friends. He goes above and beyond and makes everyone feel welcome. The ambiance is chill, the staff is amazing, and the food is top notch! Feel like we made a friend and this is our go to sushi spot on Maui.”

Kimberly K, October 2023

“Unreal quality, freshness, and service. The location itself has plenty of parking. Great happy hour specials. Get the tuna emperor.”

Dakota L., September 2023

“Went to Oao today for Happy Hour to try it out. We have been to many other sushi restaurants on Maui (and around the world) and some are very good and some, much less so. From the minute we entered to the minute we left Oao, it was a wonderful experience.

Unbeknownst to us, we had met the owner sushi chef JR in the past when he was at the old Maui Isana. Since then, he has started his own sushi truck and then this restaurant and it was terrific on all levels when we ate there today.

The sushi and sashimi were both fantastic. Everything was fresh and the quantity and quality of the fish was superb. JR has put together a great team with special mention to Iggy and Kevin which only enhanced the experience.

We had maguro, hamachi, ika, uni, tai, unagi, tamago, the soft shell crab roll, brussel sprouts, edamame and the prawn tempura. Each one was delicate, unique and fantastic. Oao has only been open for 6 months but its success and positive reviews have been well earned and well deserved. If you are looking for sushi in South Maui, it is hard to find better.”

Elle T., August 2023

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