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Happy Hour Isana Maui Kihei HI

Happy Hour at Isana Restaurant – Kihei, Maui, HI

Updated 11/9/2023 by the Maui Happy Hours team

Happy Hour at Isana Maui from 3pm-5pm Daily and 9pm-10pm Nightly

Happy Hour Sushi Rolls at Isana

Happy Hour Classic Rolls

  • California $9
  • Spicy Tuna $9
  • Deluxe California $9
  • Spicy Salmon $9
  • Spicy Hamachi $9
  • Tuna Avocado $10
  • Salmon Avocado $10
  • Unagi Cucumber $11
  • Shrimp Tempura Roll $12

Happy Hour Hand Rolls

  • Spicy Salmon $8
  • Spicy Tuna $8
  • Spicy Hamachi $8
  • California $7
  • Tuna Avocado $8
  • Salmon Avocado $8
  • Unagi Cucumber $9

Happy Hour Nigiri at Isana

  • Sake (Salmon) $7
  • Kampachi (Hawaiian Amberjack) $7
  • Hamachi (Yellowtail) $7
  • Big Eye Tuna 40% off market price

Happy Hour Sashimi at Isana

  • Sake (Salmon) $19
  • Kampachi (Hawaiian Amberjack) $18
  • Hamachi (Yellowtail) $20
  • Big Eye Tuna 30% off market price

Happy Hour Kitchen Menu at Isana

  • Fried Chicken $10
  • Fried Poke $10
  • Angus Beef Sliders with Fries $12
  • Shrimp Tempura $13

Happy Hour Specialty Cocktails at Isana

  • Southside Seltzer $9
  • Isana Margarita $9
  • Isana Mule $9
  • Rum Runner $9

Happy Hour Draft Beer at Isana

  • Bud Light $4
  • Heineken $5
  • Kirin $5
  • Sapporo $7
  • Maui Brew Co Big Swell IPA $7
  • Maui Brew Co Bikini Blonde $7
  • Kona Big Wave $7

Happy Hour Bottled Beer at Isana

  • St. Pauli Girl NA $4
  • Coors Light $4
  • Budweiser $4
  • Miller Lite $4
  • Heineken Lite $6
  • Michelob Ultra $6
  • Stella Artois $6
  • Kona Longboard Lager $6
  • Modelo Especial $6
  • Corona $6
  • Coconut Porter (12oz can) $7
  • Asahi Extra Dry (21.4oz) $10

Happy Hour Wine at Isana

  • Caposaldo, Pinot Grigio $9
  • Storypoint, Chardonnay $10
  • Angeline, Pinot Noir $9
  • Line 39, Cabernet Sauvignon $9

Happy Hour Sake at Isana:

  • Gekkeikan, served hot or cold $7/$15

Address, Phone, and Website

Address: 515 South Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753

Phone: (808) 874-5700


About Isana Brave Fish Kitchen in Kihei, HI

Isana Brave Fish Kitchen is the latest addition to Kihei’s vibrant dining scene! Under new ownership and management as of February 2019, Isana Brave Fish Kitchen is Maui’s finest destination for fresh fish, sushi, and local favorites.

Owners John and Christine Arabatzis, proprietors of Pita Paradise in Wailea for 19 years, bring their years of experience in quality dining to Kihei’s north end!

John, a locally renowned fisherman, hand-delivers this morning’s catch directly to our brand-new kitchen. It literally cannot get any fresher than that! You will get the chance to try locally caught standard sushi offerings, as well as other fresh-caught fish that you may not have tried or even heard of!

Isana features one of Maui’s best ocean views and unobstructed sunset views.

What you will experience here at Isana are bold and adventurous flavors, fresh world-class sushi, local offerings, ambiance, friendly service, and an ocean view second to none. Please stop in for a meal, we guarantee you will leave just as excited about the new Isana as we are!

According to these Isana Maui Happy Hour patrons

“Clean restaurant with lots of tables. Happy hour prices were good, and the sushi was fresh and delicious. Highly recommend!”

Chef L., November 2023

“Great Happy Hour. The staff was warm and friendly. We really enjoyed the tempura fried ice cream, sushi, and Kona mud pie.”

Renee L., November 2023

“Awesome happy hour with top notch $8 sushi rolls and other tasty pupus like the fried chicken and sliders. Great value for the quality of food.”

Brian H., September 2022

“Very delicious. We had the spicy tempura shrimp roll, fried poke, California roll, and tempura shrimp for happy hour. Customer service was excellent.”

Laura K., August 2022

“Stopped in briefly one night to grab a quick bite. We sat at the sushi counter and had a great experience. I tried the seafood appetizer which was in a cheese/cream type sauce I think. It was an interesting combo that I never would have put together but worked.

I also had the firecracker roll at the chef’s recommendation. It can’t get any fresher than watching him slice the fish and roll it in front of you. We were in and out in no time and the food was excellent and fresh. Would definitely come back again.”

John M., August 2022

“Delicious! Some of the best sushi I ever tasted. Everything was very fresh. Great service and great place overall. Would definitely return.”

Rebecca A., August 2022

“Excellent sushi & fresh fish is incredible. Sauces for the fish & chips are amazing & unique— clearly all made in house. Husband said it was top 3 in sushi of all time for him! Go eat here you won’t regret it! Open fairly late & open for reservations same day! Very friendly & wonderful vibe throughout the place!”

SK, September 2022

“Came to Isana Japanese restaurant here in Kihei, two times with friends who live here on Maui. Great food selection on the menu, so tasty.”

Gloria B., August 2022

Happy hour at Isana Maui is from 3pm-5pm daily and 9pm-10pm nightly.

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Isana Maui Happy Hour

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  1. Huge mahalo to Kayla, Brit, Kyle, and Shannon for doing happy hour at Isana and sending over some awesome new pics! Happy Hour specials at Isana are now updated as of today. Can’t wait to get back there for the delicious sushi and amazing sunset view. Truly one of the best happy hours on Maui.

    Russell Snyder, Maui Happy Hours team

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