Tropical Bound Condos by the Maui Man & Sarah Wolfe

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Tropical Bound Condos Maui

Tropical Bound Condo Rentals by the Maui Man & Sarah Wolfe

By Russell Snyder, Maui Happy Hours

Randy “Maui Man” Wolfe and wife Sarah help Maui visitors find awesome rentals on Maui and, as of recently, throughout Hawaii.

One vacation can change your life. That’s what happened to Randy Wolfe when he first visited Maui from his native Canada in 1980. He immediately fell in love with the Valley Isle and resolved to return as soon as possible. Randy continued to vacation to Maui in the following years, always making a few friends and connections along the way.

Wolfe eventually picked up the moniker “Maui Man” from folks back home. When a friend asked Wolfe to help with renting his Maui condo for him while he was away, the idea for Tropical Bound Condos was born.

When Randy met and married Sarah, the husband and wife team began to grow Tropical Bound Condos by focusing on customer value and exceptional customer service.

Tropical Bound expands to Neighbor Islands

Today, Tropical Bound Condos offers vacation rentals all over Maui, from Kapalua to Wailea, via their website In addition, they have recently expanded to cover Oahu, Big Island, Molokai, and Kauai. 

Their diverse selection of properties ensures that travelers can experience the beauty of Hawaii’s many islands with ease. 

Whether you’re seeking a luxurious beachfront villa or a cozy mountain retreat, Tropical Bound Condos has the perfect accommodation to make your Hawaiian getaway unforgettable.

Website Listing Over 3,000 Properties in Hawaii

Their website now lists over 3,000 properties with easy availability search and sorting, on par with the national booking websites. Users can enter their dates and sort by island, individual properties, and more. 

Maui Man Wolfe is also very active on Facebook, founding multiple popular Facebook groups covering Maui tips, condo rentals, restaurants, and more. The largest of these groups, Maui Bound, has over 69,000 members as of this writing.

Wolfe and others regularly respond to questions and inquiries in the groups to provide local insight and help visitors plan their Hawaii vacation, and he is regularly applauded by members of the group for his helpfulness.

For more info about Sarah and Randy Wolfe and Tropical Bound, visit their website at

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Sarah and Randy Wolfe
Sarah Wolfe and Randy “Maui Man” Wolfe
Tropical Bound Condos by the Maui Man & Sarah Wolfe 1

About the Author:

Russell Snyder is a writer, ocean enthusiast, full-time Maui resident, and creator of the Maui Happy Hours app. Russell and his team enjoy sampling the island’s best happy hours and sharing their findings with the masses. When not writing about Maui bars and restaurants, you can find Russell surfing, walking the dogs, or lounging on the beach somewhere on Maui. Follow Russell on Instagram @russellscottsnyder or contact him via email at

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  1. aloha Maui man and Sara. our family of 7 is looking for accommodations. Feb. 4-Feb 18,2025. we had to cancel and postpone this years vacay due to the fires in Lahaina. We would like to book in the Kehei area this time. we are looking at Condo style housing.2 couples,1 adult son,1 eighteen year old and me (the gramma) so we need quite a lot of sleeping arrangements.I would like a ground floor condo,3 bdrms,close to beach and shopping,not super expensive. Would you have anything near those requirements so we can book early. Thankyou

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