Maui’s Best Bars for Watching NFL Football in 2023

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Watch NFL Football Maui

A List of the Best Places to Watch NFL and College Football on Maui in 2023

Published 9/3/23 by Russell Snyder, Maui Happy Hours team

Maui, Hawaii is a paradise for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, but it’s also a great place for sports fans to catch an NFL or college football game. Here are some of the best places to watch NFL football in Maui, Hawaii, in alphabetical order.

Note: We are deeply saddened by the Lahaina and Kula wildfires of August 8, 2023. As of this writing, Lahaina, Maui is closed for business while the rest of Maui is open and ready to welcome visitors. Lahaina will forever be in our hearts and we look forward to assisting in the recovery and rebuilding.

Where can I watch NFL football on Maui?

Amigo’s Mexican Restaurant – Kahului, HI and Kihei, HI

Places to Watch NFL Football on Maui - Amigos Mexican Restaurant

Amigo’s makes the list, not because they have a lot of TV’s or have NFL Sunday Ticket (they don’t). But you will find a welcoming atmosphere, whatever the most-requested, regularly-televised NFL game of the day is on the TV’s, a nice crowd of laid-back locals, and friendly service. Depending on the kickoff time, you may also be able to take advantage of their excellent happy hour specials.

Diamonds Bar & Grill – Kihei, HI


Diamonds Bar & Grill is in the top 3 island-wide for places to watch football and other sports. Diamond’s has 25+ high definition TV’s, NFL Sunday Ticket providing every available game, as well as billiards, darts, and great drink specials. I recommend getting there early to secure your spot, especially when West Coast teams who have a large fan base in Hawaii, such as the Seahawks, Raiders, or 49’ers, are playing. And did I mention they have a great happy hour at Diamonds?

Dog and Duck Irish Pub – Kihei, HI

Places to Watch NFL Maui

Despite being an Irish Pub with British owners, Dog and Duck is an excellent spot to watch American football. The inside features a cozy and comfortable bar/restaurant space with several TV’s, and they have an outdoor lanai with a large TV that’s perfect for a big group of friends to occupy the table in front of it and select their game of choice. Please note you will find only the regularly televised NFL and college football games here. In addition, this is also one of the few places on Maui where you can find English Premier League and European football. Dog and Duck is a legendary part of Kihei’s Barmuda Triangle, and their happy hour is not to be missed.

Dollies Pub & Cafe – Kahana, HI

Dollies Sports Bar Maui

Dollies Pub & Cafe in Kahana, HI, is a beloved destination for NFL fans, especially on Sundays when the doors open bright and early at 7am for the football games. Boasting 15 TVs, including two large-screen plasmas, and a satellite dish, Dollies ensures no one misses out on any gridiron action. The atmosphere during the football season is electrifying, with each game drawing a lively crowd of locals and visitors alike. The daily double happy hours and some of the island’s best pizza add to the allure, making Dollies not only a great venue for catching the NFL action but also a fun place to unwind and enjoy some good company alongside good food.

Gilligan’s Bar & Grill – Kihei, HI

watch nfl football kihei maui

Located on the Maui Nui golf course, Gilligan’s Bar & Grill has awesome TV coverage, a big outdoor space in addition to the comfortably air conditioned inside, and some of the best ocean and golf course views on Maui. They are located on Lipoa Drive in Kihei in an elevated spot near the Maui Brewing Company. And if you stay long enough after the day games, check out Gilligan’s Maui happy hour.

Hang Loose Lounge – Kahului, HI

Watch NFL Football Maui - Nikki Alcantara

Hang Loose Lounge in Kahului, HI, is a small, local dive bar for NFL enthusiasts looking to catch the game in a relaxed setting. With a very casual and local vibe, this lounge is situated at 333 Dairy Rd Suite 105 just around the corner from the OGG-Kahului airport. The lounge’s friendly atmosphere makes it a go-to destination for both locals and visitors who want to enjoy the NFL season in good company. Tell Nikki that Maui Happy Hours sent you!

Kahales Maui’s Local Dive Bar – Kihei, HI

Where to watch NFL Maui

Kahale’s Maui’s Local Dive Bar in Kihei is a legendary spot for those looking to enjoy a casual and local atmosphere while watching NFL games. It is located at the Barmuda Triangle in Kihei, the cluster of local bars known as the center of the nightlife scene there. Drink prices are reasonable and, since they do not sell food other than chips and snacks, patrons are welcome to bring a pizza or some takeout to enjoy there. But please be forewarned, the owner Katie is a Dallas Cowboys fan. View the Kahale’s Maui happy hour specials.

Kahului Ale House – Kahului, HI


Kahului Ale House is a well-loved spot located at 355 E Kamehameha Ave, Kahului, HI 96732. It is known for its fantastic lunch and dinner menu, and an extraordinary beverage selection featuring 36 draft beers and over 350 drinks. Known as the “Ale House” by Maui locals, it features a large, open space with wall-to-wall TV’s that are perfect not just for NFL games but also other sports such as UFC. With its wide variety of food and drinks, and a reputation as a popular spot for locals, it is safe to say that Kahului Ale House is a great place to enjoy the NFL season in a fun and friendly environment. Check out the Kahului Ale House happy hour specials as well.

Lava Rock Bar & Grill – Kihei, HI


Lava Rock Bar and Grill in Kihei is known among locals and visitors as a reliable venue for watching NFL games. It is centrally located at the Barmuda Triangle, and offers a variety of local and imported beers, as well as a menu featuring island-inspired dishes. The venue is equipped with an array flat-screen TVs occupying a large open air space, ensuring that patrons have a good view of the games from any location within the establishment. The staff at Lava Rock Bar and Grill are noted for their friendliness and attentiveness, and the establishment is committed to broadcasting all NFL games, making it a frequented spot for football fans in Maui. And of course, check out their excellent Lava Rock Maui happy hour specials.

Life’s a Beach – Kihei, HI


Life’s a Beach in Kihei, also at the Barmuda Triangle, is another venue frequented by those looking to watch NFL games. It is often considered a Raiders bar due to the high number of Raiders fans that gather there to watch the games. LAB, as it is known by Maui locals, is a rowdy, high-energy bar on game day Sundays. Enjoy their delicious (and cheap!) tacos, their affordable happy hour specials, and their almost-every-night Karaoke.

Moose McGillycuddy’s – Kihei, HI

Watch NFL Football Maui

Known as “Moose’s” or “The Moose”, Moose McGillycuddy’s is a legendary sports bar located on the south side of Kihei on the 2nd floor above its sister restaurant, Fred’s Mexican Cafe. Moose’s features an array of sports memorabilia and fun wall decor that remind me of a 1990s era Applebee’s, in a good way. As one of the top sports bars in Kihei, I recommend getting there early to get a good seat and definitely call ahead if you are with a large group. Stay for the evening time and enjoy one of the best sunset views from a bar on Maui. And of course, check out their Moose’s Maui happy hour specials.

Stopwatch Bar & Grill – Makawao, HI


Stopwatch is well-known for its welcoming and laid-back atmosphere, making it a comfortable place to enjoy the games. Located in the adorable Upcountry Maui village of Makawao, it is equipped with multiple flat-screen TVs , ensuring that patrons can view the games from any angle. The menu at Stopwatch Bar and Grill features a wide variety of options, from classic bar fare to more substantial meals, catering to all appetites. Additionally, they offer a selection of local and imported beers, as well as a range of other beverages. The staff at Stopwatch Bar and Grill are friendly and attentive, contributing to the overall positive experience of watching NFL games there. Definitely stop by Stopwatch on NFL Sunday and check out the Stopwatch Maui happy hour as well.

Tante Maalaea – Maalaea, HI


With one of the strongest Maui happy hours on the island with regard to affordability and quality, and impeccable ocean views of Maalaea Harbor, Tante Maalaea is an excellent choice on NFL game day. You’ll find ample TV’s at the bar, a delicious selection of Pacific Rim and Filipino food items, friendly service, and a nice crowd. Tell Big Mike that Russell from Maui Happy Hours sent you! 

The Pint & Cork – Wailea, HI

NFL football sports bars Maui

The Pint and Cork in Wailea is a highly regarded establishment for watching NFL games. Located in the upscale Shops at Wailea, this gastropub offers a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere, making it a comfortable and enjoyable place to watch the games. The venue is equipped with multiple flat-screen TVs, ensuring that patrons have a clear view of the games from any seat in the house. The Pint and Cork offers an extensive selection of craft beers, fine wines, and artisanal cocktails, as well as a gourmet menu featuring upscale twists on classic pub fare. I also suggest you check out their wonderful Wailea happy hour

Waikiki Brewing Company – Wailea, HI

Watch NFL Maui

Waikiki Brewing Company in Wailea is a popular destination for NFL fans looking to enjoy the games in a lively and friendly environment. As a branch of the well-known brewery originally established in Honolulu, this location boasts a wide selection of locally brewed beers, from light and refreshing options to robust and flavorful stouts. Located at The Shoppes at Wailea, the venue is equipped with multiple flat-screen TVs, ensuring that patrons can catch all the action of the NFL games from any location within the establishment. And of course, I would be remiss if I did not plug their amazing Wailea happy hour

What Ales You – Kihei, HI

Places to watch NFL and college football Maui

UPDATE: What Ales You will be permanently closing on 11/10/2023. Therefore 11/5 will be the last NFL Sunday here! This is one of our favorite bars on the list. What Ales You in Kihei is a hidden gem for NFL fans looking to enjoy the games in a cozy and intimate setting. Located at the Barmuda Triangle but generally regarded as a step above its neighbors, this boutique craft beer and wine bar offers a carefully curated selection of craft beers and fine wines from around the world, making it a unique spot for those who appreciate quality beverages.

The venue is equipped with flat-screen TVs, ensuring that patrons can enjoy the NFL games while savoring their drinks. The atmosphere at What Ales You is relaxed and friendly, with a focus on providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all patrons. The staff are knowledgeable and attentive, always ready to offer recommendations or provide information about the beverages on offer. Additionally, the establishment offers a small menu of light bites and snacks that complement the drinks perfectly. With its focus on quality beverages, relaxed atmosphere, and commitment to showing the NFL games, What Ales You is a top choice for football fans looking for a more refined experience in Kihei.

Do you think your favorite Maui bar should’ve made the list for Best Places on Maui to watch football? Tell us in the comments!

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