PHOTOS: La Perouse Maui Lava Fields

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La Perouse Lava Fields Maui - Ocean Spray on Lava Rocks

PHOTOS: La Perouse Maui Lava Fields

By Russell Snyder

La Perouse is one of the places that I always take family friends who are visiting me on Maui. And each time I go there, I swear I won’t wait so long to return. I recently hiked the Lava Fields at La Perouse with some friends from the mainland and wanted to share my photos with the users of Maui Happy Hours.

About La Perouse Lava Fields

La Perouse Bay is located south of the town of Wailea, Hawaii at the southern tip of the island of Maui. Known in Hawaiian as Keoneʻōʻio, it is the site of Maui’s most recent volcanic activity. According to radiocarbon dating by the US Geological Survey, lava flowed from the 10,000+ foot Haleakalā volcano into La Perouse Bay sometime between 1480 and 1600.

The drive to La Perouse is fascinating as the landscape transforms from lush tropical plants to a barren landscape of craggy black lava rocks as you wind your way along the seashore. It is as if the lava just came out and cooled last week.

Pulloffs along the road allow you to stop for pictures of the stunning coastline and the south side of Haleakala.

The road to La Perouse ends at the parking lot and marks the start of the King’s Highway, a trail that circumnavigated the island, originally built by Piʻilani. In the present day, it is often called the Hoapili trail.

The area contains many ancient Hawaiian archaeological sites including fishing shrines and religious platforms. While the ancient ruins can be somewhat difficult to spot, signs along the trail indicate their locations and ask that visitors not disturb them.

Please enjoy the photos below that I took on my recent hike in July of 2021 and feel free to leave a comment.

Ever been to La Perouse Lava Fields on Maui? Have questions? Tell us in the comments.

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About the Author:

Russell Snyder, the creator of the Maui Happy Hours app, is a writer, ocean enthusiast, and full-time Maui resident who enjoys sampling the island’s best happy hours and sharing his findings with the masses. When not writing about Maui bars and restaurants, you can find him surfing, walking the dogs, or lounging on the beach. Follow Russell on Instagram @russellscottsnyder or contact him via email at

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2 thoughts on “PHOTOS: La Perouse Maui Lava Fields”

  1. Beautiful area and photos! In the 90’s, we hiked to a “secret” snorkeling spot and now, despite massive searches, I can’t find my directions to it. Wondering if anyone remembers this place? I think it was in this area, I remember you went beyond the main road, heading south and then you parked along the roadside and you had to look for a pipe with gray paint on it, near the edge of the road. It was a white pvc type pipe if I recall, who knows for what, and it might have been blue or gray paint on it and that is how you found the nearby trail over lava out towards the ocean. It was a hot trek but not difficult and then eventually you came to this gentle little snorkeling pool with a kiawe tree nearby and a few people would always be there. I’m sure we also initially found the location by mile markers or maybe even telephone poles or something, but then you’d hone in on the trailhead by looking for that little pipe coming up from the ground and with the telltale paint on it. Such a cool place we’d love to go again when we visit soon. Anyone know this trail? Thanks so much!!

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