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Happy Hour at Aumakua Kava Lounge – Paia, Maui, HI

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Happy Hour at Aumakua Kava Lounge 3pm-6pm Daily

  • $2 Off All Drinks 3pm-6pm for Happy Hour

Live Music & Events at Aumakua Kava

Aumakua Kava hosts a Night Market featuring local vendors every Sunday, Open Mic Night every Monday, and live music/DJ’s on Friday and Saturday nights. For more info, visit

  • Friday 2/11/22 – Water Tigress @ 8:00pm-11:55pm
  • Saturday 2/12/22 – Maui Social Club @ 8:00pm-11:55pm
  • Thursday 2/17/22 – Ben Annand @ 8:00pm-11:11pm


Address: 149 Hana Hwy #3B, Paia, HI 96779

Phone: (808) 793-3232


About: Adesh is the founder of Aumakua, a high-end Kava Lounge on the north shore of Maui in the surf town of Paia. The Kava bar concept is based around 1930’s Tiki-era bars utilizing old recipes and remaking them with Kava instead of rum.

With influences from Don the Beachcomber, Beach Bum Berry, and Trader Vic, Adesh has been able to craft quite an eclectic drink menu. With the nautical Island chic decor, plus the combination of tropical island flavors, using high-quality ingredients and fantastic glassware, the effect is absolutely a one-of-a-kind experience.

Beyond the decor, there is something deeper and authentic that comes through. The strong reverence for the cultural use and spiritual potency of the Kava is just as much of the experience here.

According to these Aumakua Kava Lounge patrons:

“Quaint kava bar with a welcoming and fun atmosphere. The drinks are interesting and delicious. Amakua is also a popular spot for Paia nightlife often hosting live musicians. Definitely worth the visit.”

Scott S., January 2022

“My favorite place on island for Kava. Live music, awesome kava cocktails, excellent decor and friendly vibes.”

Robert H., December 2021

“I’ve been (to Aumakua Kava Lounge) a couple of times now and love it! The bartender is friendly and informative, teaching us all about Kava (it was my first time trying it). The drinks are well thought out and implemented, with intriguing flavors & elixirs. We tried the Zombie, Pukalani Punch, and the Lilikoi fishbowl. All were delicious and left our tongue and mouth feeling delightfully tingly. The Mermaid’s Dream was a personal favorite, although it doesn’t have kava in it, it’s silky and smooth. We can’t wait to go back and try more!”

JB, October 2021

“The Aumakua Kava Lounge is one of my favorite go to spots on Maui! Adesh the owner and creator is a lovely human who extends her grace and positive energy through her charming bar and exotic and yummy kava drink offerings.”

Kira E. October 2021

“If the little mermaid gave up her fins and decided to enchant sailors and madams with equal allure, she would be the beauty in maiden form serving kava at this enchanting hideaway. The kava drinks here possess rich layered flavors that could win the top chef prize, exquisite and rare to fit a queen’s pallet and strong enough to knock a pirate off his feet. I have found myself warming the seats of many kava lounges across the pacific, this one is in a league of its own. Go there, your Maui adventure would be incomplete otherwise!”

Nova L, February 2021

“Pa’ia’s best kept secret. Creative Tiki mocktails crafted with kava, an ancient Polynesian root extract. You won’t miss the alcohol. I’ve been to a few kava bars on the mainland, and this one beats them all with its island vibes, friendly people, and delicious, inventive mocktails. If you’ve never tried kava before, you won’t find a better first experience than Aumakua. Bula!”

Ivan O, October 2020

Happy Hour at Aumakua Kava Lounge is from 3pm-6pm daily and features discounted kava, kava cocktails, and craft mocktails.

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Water Tigress Maui
DJ Ben Annand - DJ Steve O Maui
Maui Kava Bar Happy Hour
Maui Kava Bar Happy Hour
Maui Kava Bar Happy Hour
Maui Kava Bar Happy Hour
Maui Kava Bar Happy Hour
Maui Kava Bar Happy Hour
Maui Kava Bar Happy Hour
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  1. Message from Aumakua Kava Lounge:

    “The month of December is a big month for us here at Aumakua Kava, We are undergoing an expansion project into a beautifully renovated venue space as well as keeping our original location (the tiki Kava Lounge). With this expansion, we will be hosting an array of exciting events including some well-known artists like Tubby Love, Lo Wolf, & Vibe Squad, as well as hosting Night Markets each Sunday featuring vendors of local food and crafts. We will be hosting community sound healings, workshops, open mic nights as well as DJs on weekends! As you can see we have so many exciting new things happening and we are eager to share it all with the community.”

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