Axe Throwing at Adventure Park Maui

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Axe Throwing at Adventure Park Maui 1

Axe Throwing at Adventure Park Maui

If you’re looking for a fun, physical activity that combines your love of friends, competition, and violence, look no further. Adventure Park Maui, famous for its aerial obstacle course, has now capitalized on the axe throwing craze, meaning you can now throw axes at targets right in the heart of Lahaina, Maui.

Throwing an axe is easy but hitting the target is difficult

Axe Throwing Lahaina - Russell Snyder Maui Happy Hours

When I stepped up for my first practice throw and nailed the bullseye, I immediately thought that this is either 1) easy or 2) I’m naturally awesome at it. But neither is true. If you throw it like a toaster, it’s not going to stick. The key is to throw it firm and steady with 1-2 rotations. You don’t want the axe to flip 100 times like in the movies.

There is scoring similar to darts

Axe Throwing Lahaina Maui Hawaii

You have to stick the axe in the board in order to score a point. The bullseye is six points, the next ring is four, then three, two, one for the outer rings. I don’t know why they skipped five. Each person throws 10 times. On the fifth and tenth round, you can opt to throw for the black circles at the top of the board for a “Kill Shot”. A Kill Shot is ten points, but you must call your throw beforehand, and if you hit something else while going for the Kill Shot, it does not count.

Things to know before you go to axe throwing

Axe Throwing at Adventure Park Maui 2

You can book online via the Adventure Park Maui website. It was $17 per person for the hour. An hour was plenty as we played three full games with five people. There are two side-by-side throwing stalls (is that what they’re called?) so two people can throw at once. You are required to wear close-toed shoes for obvious reasons.

It is outdoors, so be ready to be in the sun. No food or drinks are sold there, as far as I know, so bring your own refreshments. We had a Bluetooth speaker to play tunes, which was nice. The inside of the throwing stall is regular dirt so when we all got a little dusty and dirty from picking up the axes after throwing. For that reason, I wouldn’t do this right before a nice dinner or anything you want to be cleaned up for. It would be cool if they put sand or something in the throwing lane to mitigate this but not a big deal.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this for anyone in Lahaina looking for something fun and different to do.

A fun thing to do in Lahaina for a birthday

Rebecca Wells Maui Hawaii on a boat to watch dolphins

Happy birthday to Rebecca Wells. If she had not been born, so very few years ago, then we would not have had a reason to pack five people from Kihei into the Rogue and go to west Maui. So Rebecca, thank you for the excuse to take the day off work, and happy birthday to you. Also thank you to Kayla DeLong of Maui Happy Hours, whose idea it was to do this. Lastly, thank you to Amy and Robert for coming and being so damn good at axe throwing.

A few more photos from axe throwing

Axe Throwing at Adventure Park Maui 3
Axe Throwing Lahaina Maui Hawaii
Axe Throwing at Adventure Park Maui 4

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