The Best Maui Video I’ve Ever Seen

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The Best Maui Video I’ve Ever Seen

by Russell Snyder (original post and video by Georg and Tara Beyer)

Little Girl in Bamboo Forest in Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a magical island full of mind-blowingly beautiful waterfalls, beaches, and landscapes. Thus it’s not surprising that the island’s exquisite beauty has inspired countless YouTube videos and blog posts, offering people a way to experience Maui without actually being there.

Tara and Georg Beyer (along with their young children Liv and Bodhi) are travel bloggers who visit exotic locales and share their experiences via their blog, Fernweh Chronicles.

Having lived on Maui for six years and seen dozens of these videos, it is rare that I get excited about one. But the video that Tara and Georg produced from their trip to Maui is best I’ve ever seen and makes me incredibly grateful to call this island home.

Check out the video above, then have a look at their blog post (link below), which contains some awesome tips and insights as well as some amazing photos.

Mahalo to Georg, Tara, and family for letting us share the video with our followers.

Blog Post:

YouTube link:

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About the Author:

Russell Snyder is a writer, ocean enthusiast, creator of the Maui Happy Hours app, and full-time Maui resident who enjoys sampling the island’s best happy hours and sharing his findings with the masses. When not writing about Maui bars and restaurants, you can find him surfing, walking the dogs, or lounging on the beach. Follow Russell on Instagram @russellscottsnyder or contact him via email at

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1 thought on “The Best Maui Video I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. To see it all through your eyes and your beautiful family is a gift from haven.
    Thank you, Maui is my happy place . Have been to every places mentioned and will go back some day.
    Take care

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